Health and Safety

Safety at Work

Everyone has the right to health and safety at work.  It is a legal requirement for the company (or person) to make sure your workplace is safe and adhere to health and safety guidelines. This includes the workplace inside and outside.

When people talk about health and safety they normally think of construction sites i.e.; home builders where you see the signs about protective eyewear, hi-vis vests, gloves, safety shoes etc.  However if you are working in an office environment or shop you need to be able to carry out your duties safely and without any potential harm.

This includes;

  • Floors and Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Wires for equipment, PCs etc.
  • Equipment for the job role

Health and Safety Consultant

health and safety teamWe recommend this firm if you wish to hire a health and safety consultant to ensure your workplace adheres to the legal requirements.  If you notice something odd or out of place in the work environment, speak to your supervisor ASAP.  Also double check they have an accident book and record anything (should it happen).

Employers will have insurance for things that may be unforeseen, but that could happen, and every person needs to feel safe at work.  It may be that you are sitting next to a broken window or that you can see faulty wires for a piece of equipment.  You may not want to cause trouble, but these things need fixed to ensure there are no issues.

A health and safety person will come to the workplace, talk to people and do a walk round the premises.  The health and safety professional could come into the workplace to advise every 6 months, or year, but it is better to have the support of an infrastructure that can make sure everything is legally above-board and that you are taking care of employees.