Mis-sold Pensions

Mis-Sold Pension

Now that the PPI Saga is coming to an end next year more and more companies are looking towards what they see as the next big misselling financial product.

Having done some research into this there are a few finiacial products that seem to be gathering momentum when it comes to them being mis-sold.

As far as we can see there are some companies looking at mortgages especially interest only mortgages more information on this can be found by clicking HERE

Continuing with the research the one financial product or service that seems to be gathering more pace than any is mis-sold pensions.

With some ppi companies jumping into this space we have done quite a bit of research and see this pension claims company as being the leaders in this field as they have been specialising in this subject for many years now and have never done any ppi.

Get in touch with them today if you feel that you have been mis-sold a pension;

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