employment tribunal representationEmployment Tribunal

This should be avoided as much as possible, they are time consuming, upsetting and Tribunals are a drain of money. Apart from the fact its bad press for the company its also very bad for staff morale.
People talk and employees will know if a tribunal is happening within the business, especially if its smaller or SME in size. Things normally must have escalated for a Tribunal meeting to be held.

Some examples may be;
• Excessive sickness and the co. are trying to terminate employment
• Racial Discrimination
• Sexual Harassment
• Bullying

If a Tribunal is going ahead, people are invited to get their Unions involved, or to have witnesses present. Notice needs to be given for a Tribunal meeting and if others are involved (normally 4 or 5 people at least) this means their job duties are not being performed.

Someone unbiased is asked to take minutes at the meeting, then these are submitted to both parties for authorisation. This doesn’t happen in all companies, but should. There needs to be a fair and reasonable account of the meeting recorded.
Both parties in a Tribunal meeting will need to aim for an outcome that is reasonable, otherwise lawyers may get involved and the situation may appear in court. This is the worst-case scenario as the amount of time, money and bad press is insurmountable.
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We recommend this firm, they will offer you representation from their business for such meetings, so that you feel you are supported. They will give you advice, but not make decisions for you. These situations are very stressful and if you are (either) the employer or employee you should feel you have a fair chance at the outcome you believe you should get.
TOP TIP: Be 100% honest (good and bad) with the resource you are pulling into help you.